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Why choose an electric vehicle

There are so many reasons to go electric... reduced fuel costs, lower emissions - lower road tax, company car tax incentives, high resale value and Government grants available. There's no better time to go electric!

With an abundance of information on-line to support your switch to electric, below are just a few sites we think might help.

  • Journey Cost Calculator

    Zap Map logo Zap Map has a free to use Journey Cost Calculator. Discover the savings you could enjoy by switching from a petrol or diesel car to an electric vehicle.

    Compare the costs of driving an electric vehicle on your typical journey with that of driving a petrol or diesel car. Results will show how much you could save on the total journey fuel cost, when driving electric instead of petrol or diesel. The benefits in cost of driving an EV will also be shown in cost per mile and annual cost for the journey chosen.

    Visit: Zap-Map.com - Journey Cost Calculator

  • Car Tax Calculator

    Zap Map logo Zap Map has a free to use electric Car Tax Calculator. The calculator can be used to compare car taxes payable for a plug-in vehicle compared to a conventional petrol or diesel car.

    Calculation results will show the cost difference in VED road tax when comparing an electric vehicle with either a petrol/diesel vehicle.

    Visit: Zap-Map.com - Car Tax Calculator

  • Home Charging Calculator

    Zap Map logo Zap Map has a free to use Home Charging Calculator. Find out how long and how much it costs to charge at home., the results can be tailored to your home energy costs.

    Results of the calculation will show the estimated time to charge your Electric Vehicle at home, as well as, the total cost and cost per mile for your home charge.

    Visit: Zap-Map.com - Home Charging Calculator

  • Public Charging Calculator

    Zap Map logo Zap Map has a free to use Public Charging Calculator, estimate the cost to fully or partially charge your Electric Vehicle when using the public charging network.

    When undertaking a longer journey with your electric car, or if you do not have access to home charging, then charging on the public network will be essential.

    Visit: Zap-Map.com - Public Charging Calculator

  • Energy Tariffs

    Zap Map logoEV home charging, although cheaper than petrol/diesel or public charging, will inevitably increase your electricity bills. Several energy companies have introduced EV Energy Tariffs tailored specifically for electric vehicle owners. EV tailored tariffs typically have lower unit costs during the night – when there is less demand on the national grid – a renewable energy promise, and some offer added benefits for the EV driver.

    Zap-Map have created a free to use EV energy tariff tool to help highlight the key costs, benefits, and off-peak hours available from suppliers with a dedicated electric vehicle product.

    Visit: Zap-Map.com - EV Energy Tariffs