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Why go Electric?

Why choose an electric vehicle

The range of vehicles is greater than ever. Manufacturers from Ford to Ferrari are introducing electric vehicles as part of their range, with domestic and commercial products available.

The infrastructure is growing at the same pace with more accessibility to charge points across the UK.

Everyone is going electric

  • 333,800Plug-in cars registered UK August 2020 (Approx)
  • 200Plug-in Models available August 2020 (Plus variants)
  • 10,200Plug-in Vans Registered UK August 2020 (Approx)
  • 33,190UK Charge points August 2020 (Zap-Map)

Petrol vs Electric

  • Small car iconSmall CarRenault ZoeAverage Annual Savings£913.72Average MPG: 45
    Miles Per Year: 10,000
  • Medium car iconMedium CarTesla Model SAverage Annual Savings£1289.07Average MPG: 35
    Miles Per Year: 10,000
  • Large car iconLarge CarSUV Tesla Model XAverage Annual Savings£1964.69Average MPG: 25
    Miles Per Year: 10,000
  • Petrol/Diesel
    16-17p per mile
  • V
  • Electric
    7-8p per mile


  • Planet iconPlanet
    • Climate change improvement
    • Comply with environmental laws
    • Improve public opinion
  • Economic iconEconomic
    • Purchase prices reducing
    • Vehicle Tax and benefits in kind
    • Cheaper running costs
    • Parking discounts
    • City access
    • Emission exemptions
    • Compelling fuel saving
  • Health iconHealth
    • Cleaner safer air
    • Less CO2, less smog
    • Vehicle range anxiety declining